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 Forming Spiritual Base Communities

To trust and be trusted, to learn and deepen, to be weak and be
renewed, to err and be corrected
this is the stuff of bonding and
love. To feel connected, encouraged, of value, with meaning these
are the gifts we can give one another. This is a way to keep our sanity,
our hope, and our vision, a way to keep aware of life and beauty in a
world which seems to deny it. It may be, perhaps, a way to make peace. 
About the Author  (1988)                                                                    :::
GENE KNUDSEN-HOFFMAN, from Santa Barbara, California,
has been involved in Interhelp for many years. She founded the Santa
Barbara Peace and Resource Center, and has also worked with the
Fellowship of Reconciliation, where she created the US-USSR
Reconciliation Program.
Her earlier years were devoted to theater, and raising seven
children. In addition to this, she earned a Masters degree in Pastoral
Counseling. Today Gene continues to be an active Quaker, writer,
teacher and counselor.